Photos & Videos

Sailing on the Red Admiral Aquarii is sometimes relaxing and sometimes adventurous. On this page are the two most spectacular videos. We also have a page with all videos.


Roundtrip Lelystad-Volendam

In this video we see a round trip with the Aquarii. In 2017 we went with 3 crew members from Lelystad to Volendam and back again. There was a strong southwesterly wind, 6 to 7 Beaufort. The mainsail was double reefed. As a headsail there was a Working Jib. Volendam is 24.4 Nautical miles from Lelystad. We covered that distance in 4 hours

The Night of Lelystad Solo Race

In this video we see the Night of Lelystad. A Solo race from 19:30 to 6:00. The race is entirely on the Markermeer.