Inside of Aquarii

Main cabin

In the cabin there is a pilot cage on the starboard side. The space on the port side between the table and the bench can be filled with a horizontal partition and cushions, creating one and a half sleeping places. The starboard bench can also be used as a sleeping place. So there are 3 berths in the cabin.

Under the starboard bench is a double stainless steel water tank for a total volume of 150 litres. The engine compartment is accessible at the stairs and under the counter. The motor box can be completely removed. There is also the floor hatch with access to the bilge. The bilge is quite deep so that the water remains in this well when the yacht slopes. Many hoses of drains end up on the bilge. Like the water entering through the standing mast. Hoses are also connected to the shower drain and various floor compartments elsewhere in the ship. The water tank overflow / ventilation also has a drain hose. The water tank, but also the boiler, can also be emptied into the bilge.

Aft cabin

Because the Red Admiral has a “bridge deck”, there is room for a comfortable aft cabin.

An important part of the ship’s technology is housed in this cabin.
First of all, the marine diesel, the Volvo Penta, is very easily accessible for maintenance. The insulated bonnet is completely removable. Next to the cage in the middle are two cupboards. In one room are the single outboard valves for draining the water in the cockpit. Marine diesel fuel filters. The automatic bilge pump and the diesel tank. The other cupboard to the left of this room has 5 deep drawers for storing tools and board supplies.
Under the cage are the Victron batteries 3 x 160 Amp. And the starter battery 60 Amp. In addition, there is a separate room for the hot water boiler.

At the head end of the berth is a double box for on board electricity, 12 V board power and 220 V shore power. In the cabinet on the right are fuses for the charging / alternator and motor system, the main switch and fuse of the Eberspracher drilling stove, The dim switch for the deck cockpit lighting. In the cabinet on the left is a switch box for the 220 V shore power.

Because the original 12 V switch panel at the navigation angle offers too few possibilities for expansion, an extra switch panel has been installed in this box in the aft cabin. Here are the switches for the cool box, the electronic throttle, the cockpit lighting, the anchor light, cockpit socket 12 V. The plotter, the radar dome.

On the starboard side of the cabin above the seat are two spacious cupboards. There are also two storage spaces behind and under the seat cushions. The aft cabin is separated on the starboard side by a hanging cupboard for sailing clothes.


The galley is equipped with a 2 burner gas stove with gas oven and grill.
The gas bottles are in a separate gas bottle bunker in the cockpit and are equipped with an electromagnetic gas valve that can be operated on the switchboard in the aft cabin.
The microwave is placed diagonally above / behind the stove.
The coolbox is built into the counter to the left of the gas stove. The cooling compressor is located under the gas stove in a ventilated room.
Two sinks with hot and cold water are connected to a drinking water pressure pump and a manually operated foot pump.
The main power switches and the relays of the automatic steering system are installed in the box under the washbasins.
Under the stairs in the counter is a large cutlery drawer. There are also 2 drawers for storing bread and the like and a space for storing vegetables and potatoes.


The navigation corner is the central part of the on-board electronics.
All navigation instruments and clocks can be found around the spacious chart table.

Starting with the Garmin GPS and the Autohelm Multi clock for depth / log / speed and the clocks for wind and compass. Furthermore, the Sailtron VHF radio and the SSB Lowe HF250 radio receiver and On-board computer monitor. Then a cabinet in which the on-board computer (12v), the GTRX AIS, the Multiplexer, the Huawei Modem for internet reception and the on-board network are placed.

The 12 Volt main switch panel is still part of the old original 12 volt board installation. The Victron Multiplus 12-1200 is placed in the box under the chart table.

Toilet and shower room

The toilet area is on the port side between the saloon and the forecastle. The entrance door of this space can be opened / closed on two sides, so that the entrance from the saloon to the front can be closed.

The toilet room has been completely renovated and connected to the waste water tank. The waste water tank can be emptied from the outside as well as from the inside by the position of valves. However, the sink has a direct outboard drain just above the waterline. There is a hot and cold water connection. The faucet has an extendable shower head.

The shower water is drained through a drain pipe to the bilge, which automatically pumps the water away during use.
Opposite to the toilet-shower room on the starboard side is a hanging cupboard and a smaller cupboard.

Fore ship