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This page contains information about Red Admirals around the world. As much information as possible has been collected about the various yachts, their owners and their locations.

E-mail from Oyster Technical Manager March 2, 2016

Currently unknown who made prototype wooden plug – Halmatic?
Halmatic made all 22 of the production moldings
McGruer fitted 4 boats (see Build List)
Stangate fitted 17 boats (see report Mike Ingle)
JK Watson fitted 1 boat
Total of 22 boats made

Best known location of the boats:

  • UK (5)
  • Majorca (3)
  • Holland (1)
  • Denmark (1)
  • United States (3; the current location and owner of 2 boats is unknown)
  • Swiss (1; location and current owner unknown)
    Total of 14 boats (as of February 16, 2016)

The hull and deck molds for the Red Admirals were specific to RA’s

Oyster had Halmatic make hull/deck molds to a Holman & Pye design specific to the Oyster 37. Red Admiral 36 and Oyster 37 were sales competitors and are NOT the same boat.

The overview below is unfortunately not yet complete and I invite everyone to add this information in the coming years.

McGruer & Co Ltd – Design and Build Register

Yard No. Sail No. Original Name Owner Designer Class Date
675/1 K3722 Arwen Evenstar Ian Perrin Holman & Pye 35ft Red Admiral 1978 / 79
675/2 K3860 Ocean Flame British Gas SC Holman & Pye 35ft Red Admiral 1978 / 79
675/3 GBR3757 Admirable Buchan Yachts Holman & Pye 35ft Red Admiral 1978 / 79
675/4 H2713 Eendracht Colin McGill Holman & Pye 35ft Red Admiral 1978 / 79

RED ADMIRAL 36  –  History of Boats

Being compiled by Doug Brown USA

Arwen Evenstar

Arwen Evenstar

The first of four boats on McGruer & Co Ltd Design and Build Register.
Built: 1978
Launched: 1979
Yard number: 675/1.
Sail number: K3722 (Fractional rig)
Transom Number:  SOU 2331 78
First registered with RORC:  March 15, 1979

Dark blue with white stripe, tan decks

First owner: Ian Perrin / William Bernard Limited in Merseyside, Liverpool. 1979 to 1984
Second owner: Douglas & Betty Brown. November, 1984 to present
Currently in New Bern, North Carolina, US

Was raced under Ian Perrin, RORC certificate: RRC14090  May 30, 1979

Has done long distance cruising with the Brown’s, including Trans Atlantic crossing.

Thorney Flame (ex Ocean Flame)

Thorney Flame

Second on the McGruer build register
Yard number: 675/2.
Sail number: K3860 (Masthead rig)
Transom number: SOU 1749 79

Dark blue hull with white stripe

First owner: British Gas Sailing Club 1980 to 1989
Second owner: Nick Dunett and re-named Thorney Flame  1989 to present

Used by British Gas to inspection North Sea oil platforms

Dunett’s use as family cruiser to the Continent.
Joan & Jerry Lee partial owners for a period of time



Third on McGruer build register.

Yard number: 675/3
Sail number: GBR 3757 (Masthead rig)
Transom number: Unknown

Hull color: Unknown

First owner: Buchan Yachts, London, was the “factory demonstrator”.
Second owner: Antonio Castell Esbarranch, RCN Palma, 1980- (Unkown)

Appeared in 4-page Yachting World article, March 1980

Unknown – need information

Fourth on McGruer build register.
Yard number: 675/4
Transom number: (Unknown)

Built for Collin McGill

Aquarii (ex Eendracht)


Transom number: SOU 2640 78   McGruer   
Sail number: H 2713 (Masthead rig)

Blue hull with white stripe

Built / Delivered April, 1979

First owner:   Colin McGill, 1979 to 1980
Second owner: H. Boelsma, 1980 to 1982
Third owner: H. Nieuwenhuis, 1982 to 1999
Fourth owner:  Bernard van’t Hoff  October, 1999 to present 

More info about the Aquarii



Built in 1978. Launched 1979      

Transom number: ON. 386523 Stangate
Sail number: GBR 3857 (Fractional rig)

Dark blue with white stripe.

First owner: Simon Jeffery  1978 to 1981 
Second owner:  Drs. John & Joan Norris  1981 to early 1990’s
Third owner:  William Norris (son) early 1990’s to present

She was in the London Boat Show, 1979
Was in British Yachting magazine May, 1980, 2-page article
Has cruised Brittany / West Country
Has always done the Round the Island Race (IOW), 2nd Overall best finish
Reportedly did the 1979 Fastnet Race

Holly Blue

Holly Blue

Transom number: (Unknown) Stangate
Sail number: (Unknown) Fractional rig

White hull with blue stripe

Built / completed  1980

First owner: (Unknown), 1979 to 1999
Second owner: Arnold Woods, 1999 to 2010

Illusion of Lorne (ex Illusion)

Illusion of Lorne

Last Red Admiral 36 built

Transom number: (Unknown) JK Watson, Chichester
Sail number: 9318Y (Masthead rig)

White hull with blue stripe

Built 1984

First owner: Keith Watson, 1984 to 2001
Second owner: Peter Sharp, 2001 to present

1984 South Hampton Boat Show – Halmatic Stand
Won 2007 AZAB Class 1 Division Peter Sharp/Bob Hudson
Spinlock IRC  



Launched: 2-17-1979
The 1979 Fastnet boat.

Transom number: SOU 147 79         
Registration number: ON 387314
Sail number: GBR 3425 (Fractional rig  then  Masthead rig (current))

Blue hull with white stripe; now Blue hull with red stripe

First owner:  Edward & Penny Bourne (Sec. Royal Cruising Club) 1979 – 2005
Second owner:  James Perrin  2005  to today

Problems in Fastnet race DNF. Articles written by crew explaining experience

Taken to Spain and back by Bourne
Boat was bought by Perrin after having suffered damage when dropped in boatyard. Fully repaired, racing & cruising today.

Kairuiheng / Korrigan

Kairuiheng / Korrigan

Washington DC,  Anacortes, WA  2012
Texas boat

Current owner: Steven Purcel, Seattle USA.
Was on the hard in Puerto Rico for sale in 1990’s.

We looked her over. Had Texas on transom as Home Port

Trying to find more details. Maybe boat advertised for sale 1994



Transom number: (Unknown) Stangate
Sail number: N2034 (NOR) (Masthead)

Boat in Denmark and magazine article written 11/1980

First owner: Oyvind Bjorshol, 1979 to 1983
Second owner: Arne Ola Bjorka Voll, 1983 to 1999                    
Third owner: (Unknown)